Monday, April 14, 2014

Going Green in the Classroom

Did you know…?
» 90% of our time is spent indoors.
» Asthma in the U.S. accounts for 28 million missed work and school days annually.
» Allergies account for 3.5 million lost workdays annually.
» Indoor Air Quality is one of the TOP 5 environmental risks to public health.
Isn’t it time your students, teachers, and staff deserve a healthier learning environment?

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Asthma is the most common serious chronic disease of childhood and accounts for one-third of all pediatric emergency room visits, more than 200,000 hospitalizations (ranking third among children under 15 and 14.7 million missed school days annually. Schools across the globe have begun cracking down on their cleaning programs as a result of the negative health effects that go along with cleaning improperly and using harsh chemicals. AFS Janitorial has made great strides to bring schools a green cleaning program that is sustainable and healthier for its occupants.

Innovative equipment used to clean with has proper gauges for dispensing green cleaning products, and some do not require any product at all. Take the BOOST Machine for example, an auto scrubber that has the ability to strip floors by just adding water! By eliminating the use of chemical in this practice, we are able to keep the indoor air quality in a healthier state, and your students aren't breathing in harsh airborne particles.

A Color-coded microfiber system helps reduce cross-contamination by differentiating area of use. AFS Janitorial’s staff is trained to use yellow microfiber in restrooms, green for general cleaning/multi-surface and blue for glass products. These colored microfiber mops and cloths corresponds with the colors of buckets, chemicals, job cards and safety data sheets (MSDS) specified for the particular tasks and areas. Color-coding simplifies training, eliminates confusion and educates workers on what to use where. All the while, it is eliminating cross-contamination and reducing the spread of bacteria.

HEPA filtered vacuums are used to capture dust and allergens; traditional vacuums are not able to do this. HEPA Filtration traps 99.7% of dirt at 0.3 microns for improved indoor air quality. Particles that are 0.3 micron in size are the most difficult particles to trap and contain within a filter. Also, 0.3 micron particle, when inhaled, passes easily into the body's respiratory system so the body's natural defense system is more vulnerable to these small particles. This is why ONLY HEPA filters are recommended by Allergists and Doctors.

Microfibers flat mops clean floors 45% better than traditional string mops and are durable for up to 1,000 launderings. AFS Janitorial uses The Rubbermaid HYGEN™ microfiber cleaning system which provides innovative solutions designed for proven superior performance in maintaining healthy, safe environments. Built-in agitators remove at least 25% more dirt from mops and an integrated filter improves productivity and reduces chemical/water waste.

Make health and safety a priority by following these steps:

1.       PLAN your Green Cleaning Program
2.       SELECT certified Green Cleaning Products
3.       INTRODUCE Green Equipment & Supplies
4.       ADOPT Green Cleaning Procedures
5.       SHARE the Responsibility

Maximize your investment and IAQ by allowing AFS Janitorial to green your school! Click here for more information on how to develop an effective IAQ program for your school. PROMOTE HEALTH. PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT.

Read about how Butler University saved on time, money, and resources by utilizing double-sided microfiber mops.


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