Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Innovative Commercial Cleaning- What's in your closet?

What's in YOUR janitorial closet?

Although you may not realize it, the equipment your commercial cleaning company uses each night has a direct impact on the indoor air quality of your facility. Only your janitorial company has the power to disinfect your facility the RIGHT way. The question is: are you asking the right questions? Are you educated enough on the TYPE of equipment that is available nowadays? Chances are, if you haven't asked, and they haven't told you, then your janitorial closet is extremely outdated.

Does your cleaning equipment look as innovative as the below picture? If not, you are wasting your money paying for a cleaning service that is not properly disinfecting your facility.

Below is a picture of AFS Janitorial's night cleaning team performing a routine clean in a high-rise commercial building implementing the equipment pictured above. What you see is what you get!
AFS Janitorial is the most innovative commercial cleaning company throughout the state of Florida. We make cleaning look GOOD. Call us today at 800-617-5370 or email us at sales@afsjanitorial.com

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clean versus Disinfecting- There's a BIG difference!

Why anyone thinks it is okay to clean a commercial facility with a string mop is beyond me, but sadly until there is some kind of law requiring a certain level of indoor air quality be maintained, string mops will still be used.

Meet the double-sided microfiber flat mop (if you are a customer of ours, then you already know). The flat mop is proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, whereas a string mop only 45%. AFS Janitorial's flat mops utilize microfiber, which TRAPS dust and dirt; string mops just spread those particles around. This flat mop system also has a built in agitator that removes 25% more of the dirt when wringing out the mop; string mops just keep getting dunked back into dirty mop water. When the water starts to look dirty, you tilt the bucket at a 90 degree angle to filter out the dirt, which then is transferred to a separate chamber in the mop bucket.

Although your floor may LOOK clean, if a traditional cotton string mop is doing the dirty work, then it is not DISINFECTING it, which means you are still exposed to the germs and bacteria, which means your indoor air quality is not very happy--you get the point.

Along with the microfiber flat mop's ability to effectively disinfect your floor, comes the decrease in time it takes to clean the floor, thus decreasing labor costs.

There you have it- a more effective AND efficient way of cleaning your floors. Not receiving this type of cleaning program from your current janitorial company? Call AFS Janitorial today at 1-800-617-5370 or email us at sales@afsjanitorial.com.


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