Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How has curiosity helped to grow your business?

We strive to continuously improve the indoor air quality of the facilities we clean. With today's vast improvements in technology, comes the ability to clean with equipment that helps improve the overall health of a building's indoor air quality- which then has a direct effect on its occupants. We spend 90% of our time indoors, and indoor air pollution is the #1 threat to allergy & asthma sufferers in the U.S. By using vacuums with HEPA filters, we are able to remove dust and mites that trigger allergic reactions. With our microfiber mops, we are able to clean floors 45% better than traditional cotton string mops, and remove 99.9% of microorganisms that are not visible to the human eye. The auto-scrubbers we have can strip floors with just using water, which reduces the amount of chemicals exposed to the air. Our curiosity to help people breathe better has helped drive our success. Too often, a cleaning budget is based on the lowest price and not on the actual programs in place. Our customers see our passion to always improve not only how we clean but what we clean with.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

AFS Janitorial Earns Distinction as a Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval Service Provider

Tampa, FL – August 22nd, 2013AFS Janitorial has been recognized by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) as a Seal of Approval Service Provider.  The Seal identifies cleaning companies that distinguish themselves by committing to a high standard of service and customer satisfaction. The CRI Seal of Approval program tests and certifies superior performing carpet cleaning solutions, vacuums, deep cleaning extractors and deep cleaning systems.  Companies certified as Seal of Approval Service Providers agree to use only Seal of Approval products and equipment and comply with a customer-focused “code of conduct.”

"Customer can feel confident about doing business with companies that have earned the Seal of Approval,” said Werner Braun, CRI president. “CRI is proud to recognize cleaning firms that use superior products and recognize the need for quality service.”

"The Seal of Approval Service Provider status is a signal to our customers that we care to use only the best cleaning products.  Matching the right cleaning method with the right product helps retain the life and beauty of a carpet," said Bryson Raver, Director of Operations. The Seal of Approval Service Provider code of conduct requires certified service providers to uphold a high standard of accountability, responsibility and customer-oriented service. It also has provisions for carpet manufacturers and product manufacturers that include honoring warranties and providing product usage and cleaning and maintenance information for consumers.

CRI recommends that consumers have their carpets professionally deep cleaned every one to two years, depending on foot traffic.  Additionally, some major carpet manufactures have specified use of Seal of Approval cleaning products in their warranties.

About AFS Janitorial:Meet AFS Janitorial—a Tampa-based commercial cleaning company satisfying property managers, service directors, general managers, EVS directors, facility managers, etc. throughout Florida. Experience a cleaning program that boasts green initiatives, innovative equipment, paramount quality control measures, and employees who receive continuous training. AFS Janitorial’s philosophy: to be proactive in meeting each facility’s cleaning needs, committed to exceeding the expectations of each customer, remain consistent in modernizing equipment and programs, and that each task performed produces a great result. Improve the indoor air quality that your staff, customers, and clients are being exposed to by choosing to go Glean™ with AFS Janitorial. Learn more about the company at www.afsjanitorial.com.

About the Carpet and Rug Institute:The CRI is the leading industry source for science-based information and insight on how carpet and rugs create a better environment—for living, working, learning and healing. The Institute’s mission is to serve the carpet industry and public by providing facts that help people make informed choices. Its best practices promote a balance between social, economic and environmental responsibility for the long term. CRI does this for its industry, yet it strives to be a model corporate citizen for all industries. Learn more

at www.carpet-rug.org.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

High-rise Window Cleaning in Downtown Tampa

Just another day in the life of an AFS Janitorial window-washer. High-rise window cleaning is not an easy job, but someone has to do it! This morning we cleaned 14 stories of windows at this beautiful building in downtown Tampa.

It is always a #ClearDifference with AFS JANITORIAL!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Innovative Commercial Cleaning- What's in your closet?

What's in YOUR janitorial closet?

Although you may not realize it, the equipment your commercial cleaning company uses each night has a direct impact on the indoor air quality of your facility. Only your janitorial company has the power to disinfect your facility the RIGHT way. The question is: are you asking the right questions? Are you educated enough on the TYPE of equipment that is available nowadays? Chances are, if you haven't asked, and they haven't told you, then your janitorial closet is extremely outdated.

Does your cleaning equipment look as innovative as the below picture? If not, you are wasting your money paying for a cleaning service that is not properly disinfecting your facility.

Below is a picture of AFS Janitorial's night cleaning team performing a routine clean in a high-rise commercial building implementing the equipment pictured above. What you see is what you get!
AFS Janitorial is the most innovative commercial cleaning company throughout the state of Florida. We make cleaning look GOOD. Call us today at 800-617-5370 or email us at sales@afsjanitorial.com

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clean versus Disinfecting- There's a BIG difference!

Why anyone thinks it is okay to clean a commercial facility with a string mop is beyond me, but sadly until there is some kind of law requiring a certain level of indoor air quality be maintained, string mops will still be used.

Meet the double-sided microfiber flat mop (if you are a customer of ours, then you already know). The flat mop is proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, whereas a string mop only 45%. AFS Janitorial's flat mops utilize microfiber, which TRAPS dust and dirt; string mops just spread those particles around. This flat mop system also has a built in agitator that removes 25% more of the dirt when wringing out the mop; string mops just keep getting dunked back into dirty mop water. When the water starts to look dirty, you tilt the bucket at a 90 degree angle to filter out the dirt, which then is transferred to a separate chamber in the mop bucket.

Although your floor may LOOK clean, if a traditional cotton string mop is doing the dirty work, then it is not DISINFECTING it, which means you are still exposed to the germs and bacteria, which means your indoor air quality is not very happy--you get the point.

Along with the microfiber flat mop's ability to effectively disinfect your floor, comes the decrease in time it takes to clean the floor, thus decreasing labor costs.

There you have it- a more effective AND efficient way of cleaning your floors. Not receiving this type of cleaning program from your current janitorial company? Call AFS Janitorial today at 1-800-617-5370 or email us at sales@afsjanitorial.com.


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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Commercial Cleaning Company in Tampa, FL

Commercial cleaning companies are everywhere, but good ones are hard to find. In order to stand out from the rest, one must have innovative technology, offer green solutions, and continually train staff on new programs and procedures. AFS Janitorial does all of that, and over the past year has taken great strides to widen the gap in differentiating itself from its competitors.
  • Indoor air quality: The health of your facility has a direct correlation on your employee absenteeism. Sneezing alot? Your company might not be using hepa-filtered vacuums. It's important to know which equipment your cleaning company is utilizing in your facility. Outdated equipment means unhealthy IAQ. We are what we breathe! Check out this infographic to learn more: http://www.afsjanitorial.com/pdf/AFS_Infographic.pdf
  • Updated Technology: Hopefully you aren't still seeing string mops being used, but unfortunately I am sure this is not the case. All they do is spread bacteria around a floor's surface; they are proven to not effectively eliminate bacteria. Why is it important to have updated technology? It shows that your commercial cleaning company cares about what they do, and cares about you.
  • Customized Programs: You should be receiving a janitorial program that is based on your facility's specific needs. From technology, to chemicals, to specs; all of this should be done after a thorough walk-through of the facility has been done.
  • Quality Assurance: There shouldn't be just one familiar face checking up on your facility. More than one set of eyes allows for there to be a checks and balances system. This ensures that everything is being attended to and your facility is receiving the best care possible.
  • One Point of Contact: No matter what concern you may have, there should be ONE person assigned to your facility from the moment a company starts cleaning. No matter what your needs are, you should have access to that ONE person at all times, for all your questions and concerns. They can then relay the messages to people if neccessary. Did someone initially meet with you, and then pass you on to someone else? If you answered "yes", then I am sure below might sound all but too familiar.
  • Say NO to Frachises: If your facility is being cleaned by a franchise, you are paying a royalty fee (usually 5-8%), which means someone else can do it for less money with the SAME EXACT equipment.

1.       Will you be managing this account or are you just the sales representative?

2.       How many man hours will you be using per month?

3.       What is that rate per hour?

4.       What kind of equipment will you be using?

5.       Is this account going to be re-sold?

6.       What percentage of royalty fees does National receive of my monthly bill?

7.       What percentage of royalty fees does Master receive of my monthly bill?

8.       What percentage of royalty fees does Unit receive of my monthly bill?
Most likely, after you have asked all those questions, you'll steer clear of them in the future.
To find out how to glean with us, call 800-617-5370 or learn more at www.afsjanitorial.com!
Thanks for reading!